Project ModelMMORPG

Massively multi-player on-line role playing games (MMORPGs) give us the opportunity to study two important aspects of computing: (1) large-scale virtual social interaction of people (players) and (2) the design, development and coordination of large-scale distributed artificial inteligence (AI). A common denominator for both aspects are the methods used to study them: social interaction can be descibed and simulated using agent-based models (ABM social science perspective) whilst distributed AI is commonly modelled in terms of multi-agent systems (MAS computer science perspective).
The important question to ask in both perspectives is how do agents organize in order to perform their tasks and reach their objectives? Project ModelMMORPG (Large-Scale Multi-Agent Modelling of Massively On-Line Role-Playing Games) will employ a combined empirical and theoretical approach towards finding the answer to this question.
From the empirical side, we shall study the human behaviour on a number of venues across various gaming servers in order to find most suitable structures, cultures, processes, strategies and dynamics employed by most successful player communities.
From the theoretical side, we shall test a multitude of organizational architectures from organization theory in various MMORPG settings, and compare them with methods found in empirical research.
Our research is therefore aimed towards enriching the organizational design methods for the development of MMORPG to foster the development of self-organizing and adaptable networks of large-scale multi-agent systems.
With this in mind, our main goals are:

  1. 1) To identify and formalize adequate organizational design methods for developing LSMAS in MMORPGs.
  2. 2) To couple them with real-life and future scenarios from industry.
  3. 3) To provide open and accessible tools, which will allow for design, development, implementation, control, simulation and maintenance of LSMAS in MMORPG.

Project Members

Joaquim B. L. Filipe

Professor of Informatics
+351 265 790 040

Đurić, Bogdan Okreša

Doctoral Student @ ModelMMORPG Project @ Faculty of Organization and Informatics


Marko Maliković

Ph.D. Assistant Professor Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Rijeka

Pietro Terna

full professor of Economics
+39 011 6706067


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