Grant awarded by the University of Zagreb

The University of Zagreb has decided to fund the project UAVTraffic - Multi-agent based Traffic Control of Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to be lead by Asst. prof. Markus Schatten. The research in UAVTraffic is aimed towards making a first step in developing basic traffic rules for (autonomous) UAVs by using simulation models and small scale field studies. In accordance with this objective, UAVTraffic will make good use of advanced semantic Web technologies (especially of the ontology of cooperative intelligent transport systems developed at the University of Zagreb), multi-agent system methodology (especially proactive agents, automated planning and negotiation algorithms), technologies for machine vision (especially spatial object recognition), the Internet of Things or more specifically the Internet of Vehicles (a network of various devices like smart phones, watches, goggles, cars but also UAVs and other things that will allow for traffic control).

ModelMMORPG workshop & brainstorming session held at FOI

As a first activity of the ModelMMORPG project a workshop and brainstorming session was held at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin from October 15-17, 2014. Prof. Pietro Terna and Prof. Joaquim Filipe have given invited lectures with the titles Agent-based models for exploring social complexity as well as Social systems modeling using intelligent multi-agent systems respectively (slides are available here under deliverable D1.1.).

Above you can see photos taken by Prof. Terna. During the three day workshop the project team has defined an initial test-bed scenario in form of a quest called "The Quest for the Dragon Egg".

We're hiring a PhD candidate!

The Croatian Science Foundation has decided to grant a PhD candidate position for the project ModelMMORPG - Large-scale Multi-Agent Modelling of Massively Multi-player On-line Role-Playing Games. Interested candidates are invited to participate in the initializing workshop and brainstorming session scheduled for October 15-17th 2014 on the Faculty of Organization and Informatics. For more details about the workshop programme please send a message to the project coordinator Asst. prof. Markus Schatten.

Croatian Science Foundation awards AI Lab

Asst. prof. Markus Schatten recieved an installation grant from the Croatian Science Foundation for the project ModelMMORPG - Large-scale Multi-Agent Modelling of Massively Multi-player On-line Role-Playing Games.

Massively multi-player on-line role playing games (MMORPGs) give us the opportunity to study two important aspects of computing: (1) large-scale virtual social interaction of people (players) and (2) the design, development and coordination of large-scale distributed artificial inteligence (AI). A common denominator for both aspects are the methods used to study them: social interaction can be descibed and simulated using agent-based models (ABM) whilst distributed AI is commonly modelled in terms of multi-agent systems (MAS).

Grants awarded to members of the lab

Two members of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory recieved each a grant from the University of Zagreb. Prof. Kornelije Rabuzin's project Deductive Datawarehouse and Asst. Prof. Markus Schatten's project Organizational Design of Multi Agent Systems for the Internet of Things were selected in a very competitive call.

The former project shall deal with applying well known formalisms from deductive database systems to datawarehouses in order to enrich the analytic capabilites. The project team will develop tools and methods to interface datawarehouses with logic programming and deductive database management systems.

The research of the letter project is aimed towards the development and formalization of organizational design methods for multi-agent systems in the Internet of Things. The team will develop a semantic wiki about organizational design methods, as well as a formal ontology to foster further development of software engineering techniques for agent organizations.